PVA powder is made of vinyl acetate through polymerization and alcoholysis. It is a kind of white or light yellow, stable, non-toxic, water-soluble and environmentally friendly polymer. It will dissolve into water fast and form stable colloid, which has great stability,cohesiveness,film forming property, insulativity, oil resistance, abrasive resistance, air blocking property, etc.

Key Features
•    Appearance: white powder, tasteless, with fluidity.
•    Solubility: PVA powder belongs to alcoholysis type and can be dissolved in room temperature water.
•    Heat stability: heating can soften PVA. It will no changes below 40? and will gradually change colour under long heating over 160?. Above 220?, it will decompose to be water, acetic acid, ethanal and butenal.
•    Chemical resistance: almost cannot be affected by weak acid, weak base or organic solvent, with high oil resistance.
•    Stocking stability: PVA is a kind of low viscosity polymer. Its water solution is stable and cannot have metamorphism.
•    Film-forming property: it is easy to film form because of PVA molecules’ high adhesiveness. The thin film is colourless and transparent with great strength, clean and bright surface, not sticky and great dissolution resistance.


•    PVA powder is used as an additive in construction material, like different putty powder, dry mixed mortar, tile adhesive, gypsum plaster, etc. It can effectively strengthen the cement and gray mortar adhesion, mobility and reduce the cement drying time. So that it will enhance the adaptation and stop cement coating cracking. It is also fit for whitewashing wall and ceiling and tile adhesiveness. The using way is simple and has great effects.